Wyze Robot Vacuum Playback

How is the playback feature supposed to work?

Vacuum Settings → Cleaning History → select a cleaning session - Playback

The entire (35 minute) playback completes in a fraction of a second. If I move the slider somewhere in the middle of the cleaning session and click play, then the music plays but there is no visual progress in the display. It just sits where I put the slider. A bug? Can someone else confirm this behavior?

I’m on the latest version of the device firmware and app as of the date of this post.

Should I uninstall / reinstall the app. If so, really don’t want to have to relink all my Wyze devices or lose my vacuum map (or is the map stored on the device?)

Not sure what you are expecting from playback. It’s a total playback of the route/paths that your vacuum executed in order to do a cleaning. Either playback at full speed or put your fingertip on the slider, keep holding the slider and slide left-right as fast or slow as you desire to verify that the cleaning session was as expected.

I thought it was just a gimmick until one day I noticed that the cleaning session took 50% longer than usual. I ran the playback and saw the vac doing a crazy dance all over 2 of the rooms. I checked my cam footage and found one of the cats attacking the vacuum. :rofl:


I was expecting that when I hit play it would play at some reasonable speed on it’s own. When I hit play it actually jumps to the end in about a half a second for a 35 minute cleaning session. Verified on two different Android devices.

When you click play what do you observe?

Same… light speed. Slow it down as noted above.

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