Wyze Robot Vacuum needs to have option to manually control it

I have used my new vac for a couple of days and really like it and it does a great job. 2 things have come to my attention that need work:

  1. The square icon is missing from my app to create a virtual wall. I confirmed that I have the latest app and firmware, but the option is missing
  2. And, this to me is a big one and needs to be on the wishlist: It needs to give me the ability to maneuver it to a specific area to vacuum JUST that area. Example, crumbs get spilled in front of the sofa and I don’t want to vacuum the entire room just that traffic area in front of the sofa.

I don’t see any way to accomplish that as the software stands right now. If I’m wrong or someone knows how to do this I’d love to hear how to accomplish this.

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Welcome skimark1. Both of your items are either existing functionality or functionality undergoing testing.

Please state the following so your fellow community members can be of assistance:

Phone/tablet operating system version
App version number
Vacuum firmware version number

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These issues show on my 2021 iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro both running iOS 15.1.1. And the app version is 2.26.21 and vac firmware is 1.6.113

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I’m running iOS 15.1 on my iPhones and iPad. I’m also running app version 2.26.21. But I’m running beta firmware on my vacuum. Your item #2 is called “Spot Cleaning”. It is the square icon that you noted is missing. I think Spot Cleaning is currently undergoing beta testing, so it won’t be available until testing is complete. Red arrow points to Spot Cleaning icon:

Your #1 is found in the map edit menu. To create a virtual wall, you tap the Edit icon (pencil icon below the Spot Cleaning icon). Tap Set no-go zones on the pop-up menu.

I don’t have the square on my screen and the FAQs refer to creating a virtual wall with these instructions

To create a virtual wall:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Robot Vacuum.
  2. On the bottom right of your map, tap the square edit icon WRV_Virtual_walls.png.
  3. Tap + Add a virtual wall .
  4. Tap and drag the red square to move it, and pinch to resize it.
  5. Tap OK to save your virtual wall.

This doesn’t match what I had to do which was to click on the pencil icon and select ‘set no go zones’ with virtual walls not mentioned anywhere.

I certainly hope the ability to clean a free form area of cleaning becomes reality soon. Along with that it would be great to be able to momentarily take control of the vac to double up an area or go to a specific spot and then have it resume the mapped cleaning

The FAQ is a few versions out of date. Wyze listens to what users are asking for, mostly from feedback in the form of the forum #wishlist. Look closely at the 2 square icons… the icon on my screenshot is a Spot Cleaning icon (coming soon). The icon in the old FAQ is a different No-Go Zone icon. The No-Go Zone icon has been scrapped as the list of new features has grown to the point of cluttering the map. Wyze switched to a pop-up map edit features menu from the Edit (pencil) icon to save space. FAQ needs to be updated to reflect this.

Doubling up, manual control, spot cleaning, map edit features and more are items on the #wishlist. Feel free to add your use-cases as replies and vote for items (upper left corner at top of wishlist thread) or submit a new idea as a wishlist request if your idea is unique. Keep in mind that submissions for #wishlist must be single-subject so that they can be voted on independently. We curate the category to avoid duplication of topics. Please search first and make sure the same or similar requests are not already in the #wishlist or #roadmap.

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