Wyze robot vacuum - map editing & additional enhancements

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but bed skirts seem to mess it up sometimes. Our bedrooms are all on the second floor. When I mapped the floor, I moved everything I could off the floors, and tucked up all the bed skirts so the vacuum could clearly see under the beds. It mapped and vacuumed everything exactly as expected.

I just ran it on the saved map a second time. It vacuumed under two beds with the bed skirts down, but went around a pair of twin beds with bed skirts instead of going under them. I can’t really tell much difference between the skirts, so I’m not sure why it didn’t do the twin beds.

Shouldn’t it at least try to go somewhere that it mapped before, at least until it runs into something? it’s almost like it “saw” something in the way and just went around it.

It appears if the lidar sees something new that is sufficiently large/flat it will see it as a wall and it will not “bump” it. Going around corners and smaller objects like chair legs it does the bumping thing.

Does the map reveal a clue on what it saw differently between them?

I ran a remap because my original map orientation changed and confused the robot (another issue for another email…lol) But I just went through the phantom spot this morning. My wife had a bag of clothing she was donating sitting next to our dresser when I remapped. My wife took the bag the next day but the robot still thought it was still there. I thought LiDAR was designed to see these changes instantaneously and adapt? What sucks was that I did 3 full runs and it would not touch that spot. I even forced it there and nothing. I had to remap my whole house just to include a 12inch x 12x inch square. I feel if we had a clean zone option just like the no go zone, I could have created a temp small area for it to clean, send it there with the hope it learned it, and it would have made my life easier. I’m of the thought that I bought this robot to do something I don’t want to do. But if I have to watch it to make sure it does what it supposed to do, I could have done it my self in the first place. Kind of defeats the purposes.


I’ve never had that issue. it’s probably because you remapped with the donation bag in the way. In my situation, if I leave something on the floor (like a laundry basket) it travels around the basket. The next time when the basket is gone, it resumes it’s normal path.

Mine has recently started acting up on one of my floors. It keeps scrambling the map when it starts on the last room, and it has done this several times in pretty much the exact same way. It ends up stuck in one of my no-go zones because of that. I can’t tell for sure, but the map it starts creating in the middle of the full vacuum run is probably rotated which seems to be a common type of mapping failure.

Related to the issue of not vacuuming new spots…


That spot is a map update from earlier. A full vacuum run will go into that new area, but notice the slight background color difference. I see small spots like this around the perimeter, but they’ve been tiny and inaccessible, except this one.


The last room is now done alone on its own schedule. So far that has solved the mapping issue, but now I see this…


It doesn’t want to fully enter into that lighter colored area.

Related: About Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.113

I have 1.6.173, all maps were generated on that version.

2022-08-10: I’ve worked through most of this, changing how rooms are divided until it stopped scrambling the map was one solution.

Wyze Robot Vacuum Features That Make Sense

I feel like the robot vacuum is nearly perfect. But two features I’d love to see added is a way to rotate your map and to be able to set as default rotation so it matches the orientation of your house. Sometimes on new maps I have to flip my phone upside down to orient it relative to where I and the charging dock face. Second would be a way to manually control/drive the vacuum so you can drive to a spot that needs cleaning. Lastly, a spot cleaning function which would allow you to drive the vacuum to said area and begin a spot cleaning which would allow different cleaning patterns. Eufy has it to where you can drive to a spot, then select the vacuum to vacuum in a spiral to spot clean. These would be heavily used features by me and make sense, I’d love to see these implemented!

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That was downstairs (above), it’s having issues with upstairs now. It was trying very hard to get to a room that it could not access because that “room” is a set of stairs! It also appeared to be ignoring my backup no-go zone to keep it away from the edge of the stairs. I guess I overloaded it with no-go zones, I did reach the limit.

Also, I’m either accidentally removing random no-go zones w/o noticing, or the robot is randomly deleting them.

Maybe there is some corrupt data. I’ve done everything but a factory reset (waiting for a final firmware release).

It works okay with selected rooms, just not when doing a full vacuum. I could save a lot of no-zones and it would probably prevent this oddness if I could set an entire “room” as no-go.

Hi! I love your robotic vacuum, but there is one feature you could add that would make me love it even more: the ability to set a “stop” location for the vacuum to return to after cleaning is complete.

I know you’re thinking, “Well, it returns to charge when cleaning is complete, which is great,” but please hear me out.

My charging station is kept under a piece of furniture with large enough clearance for it to fit without issue. This keeps it out of the way when not in use; however, it comes with quite a few drawbacks:

  1. Trying to remember to clean out the dustbin with the vacuum out of sight (= out of mind)
  2. I have to pull the vacuum out from under the piece of furniture and off of its charging station to clean the dustbin
  3. I have to carry the dustbin to another room with a trash can, empty it, carry it back to the vacuum, and then send it back home under the piece of furniture

All of these problems could be solved if I could tell the vacuum where I wanted it to stop when it’s finished cleaning. I would have it stop right next to the trash can… this would remind me to empty it and have it conveniently located next to the trash can for emptying. I could then just hit the Home button on the vacuum and send it home for charging after reinstalling the dustbin.

I realize probably not a lot of people keep their charging station in an inconvenient location like I do, but I’m willing to bet quite a few people would love to stop their vacuum next to the trash can for easy emptying like I would, even if their charging station isn’t under a piece of furniture.

Thanks for the consideration!

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Same here.

Same here so if I don’t remember to stop it while it’s out and about, I just tell it to clean the room with the trash can (kitchen), stop it when it gets there, clean bin, send home.


Robot Vacuum Dumping Location

I keep my vacuum docked under my couch. It would be nice if the app allowed a bin dump location where you could request the robot to drive to for emptying. Is this a feature you might add in a future?

Higher Suction In Selected Zones

It would be nice to allow selection of different suction levels in different rooms/zones. Quiet in hardwood rooms and high in carpet rooms. Is that something that could be added to the app?

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MAPPING REQUEST: Please make it possible to more precisely configure rooms and areas. I cannot currently separate our kitchen from our dining room. The delineating lines will not allow it unless I use some arbitrary, diagonal lines.

Also, it would be awesome if we could add some smaller, “spot cleaning” areas. For example, we have two areas that see high traffic. It would be very helpful if those areas could be cleaned more often without cleaning an entire room in the process. Simply put, some areas need more attention more often than others.

NOTE TO WYZE: How more attractive would your vacuum be if it outshined the competition by having this very valuable option?


I use “customize rooms” under the map editor to divide a room up into high traffic and low traffic areas using the Split function and give each section a unique name . Then I schedule more frequent runs for the high traffic areas. Give it a try.

What status does Wyze have assigned to the function or remaping a single room. I have 2 Wyze robot vacuums’s but cant recommend them to any one without this feature. (And I LOVE Wyze!)

A way to save a backup of generated maps.
That way if the map gets messed up, we can recall a past version rather than being forced to remap the whole floor.

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Map magnification increase, No Go Zone adjustment

Map for robotic vacuum is still too limited, with a large floor plan cannot magnify the map sufficiently to easily delineate “no go zones”. Greater magnification would help and making both sides of the zone adjustable would also make it easier.

Have robot wait by trash can to run before returning to charge.

Maybe this is dumb, but I keep my vacuum in the deep dark corner of my living room out of sight, which means I forget to empty it occasionally.

It would be cool if I came home from work and the vacuum was just sitting next to my trash can, waiting to be emptied. Remove dust bin, empty, replace, go back to charger.


The ability to have more than one charging station per floor on one map.

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Sounds like a great idea to me. Mine is a dumb robovac so I just tell Alexa to stop it when it’s near a garbage can. But if you have a mapping robot your idea makes good sense.

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