Wyze robot vacuum - map editing & additional enhancements

Can someone explain the difference between remap and reset map.

I believe at this time there is no difference. It will delete your current mapping and remap your house. This has been my experience. If this is not the case, I am sure someone will speak up.


When I edit the map it will only divide rooms on exterior walls, I have an open floor plan and would like to divide rooms where I want.


I have two suggestions to improve the room mapping on the robot vacuum. 1) allow multiple maps to be active so allow for different levels in a house. 2) there must be a way to allow the remapping of one room without having to do the entire house and a way to add a room without having to remap every other room.

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I second that. We’ve had to rearrange one bedroom and so it skips where furniture used to be. I’m somewhat hesitant to remap the whole house because it did a great job the first time. If anyone figures this out, please let us know!


For multi level support, pls visit and vote on this topic:


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I would love to be able to zoom in just a bit more so that i can make smaller “virtual wall” areas for like heat/register vents or other items like lamps and so on. When creating these walls, it is hard to get close enough or zoom enough to get it to the size i want.

Also, the option instead of using a box to use a circle, or even just to draw lines and connect them to make the shape wanted.

And yes, I agree, id love to be able to add rooms without having to remap the whole floor. I have been waiting weeks just to add one room that had the door shut to the map.


Yup, i had a door closed and have to remap the whole floor just to add one room. I have walls/etc all setup and dont want to loose those…

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I hope they get these mapping issues fixed…It worked great for a month and now it just gets confused and the mapping is crazy. Rest the map and it will work fine a couple of times, then go crazy again…Hopelessly waiting for a fix… First image (3) is how it should be, second is what it did yesterday…

Here is the crazy mapping image…

I think my issue is similar. I remapped my house but left the door to a bedroom closed during that process. I’d like to add that room but can’t figure out how to do it without remapping my entire house. If I leave the bedroom door open, the vacuum can see inside it and creates some walls and obstructions, but doesn’t create a new room. Is there a way to get the vacuum to recognize that room and all its walls?

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I think you have to remap the house. I’m hoping with a future update, the vacuum will recognize new areas and clean it, but it doesn’t do that right now. You can leave that door open and do a quick map. It usually takes less than 15 minutes to map your house. Then you can setup virtual walls and let it clean.

What version firmware are you using? There is a beta version 1.6.113 that I think is supposed to help with issues like this. I would assume if all looks good with this beta, it will be rolled out to everyone else in the next week or so.

Thanks for your interest. Firmware is Version 1.6.97.

I’ve remapped twice today. The first time it missed an open door, so I had to remap again.

My house has odd angles (see image below). One key to having the vacuum do an efficient and effective job is the placement of the base station. The vacuum will only sweep parallel or perpendicular to the base. Likewise the virtual walls have to have that orientation. It would be nice if you could rotate the virtual walls.

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I agree. I have a similar issue with rooms around a center chimney. Editing the map doesn’t allow me to break the rooms correctly. It only allows me to make walls diagonally in places.

See room 2. It’s where my chimney is.


I don’t see many requests for it but my dumb robots all had a spot clean function and I really miss that. It seems like it would be pretty easy to have a predefined box or circle that you drop on the map to say this spot is dirty and then it heads there and starts cleaning on full power.


I just remapped my house because it wouldn’t do the rooms I have scheduled or it would do some but not all. So I did a quick remap and it ran only 2/3 scheduled rooms on Monday. Today it just skipped the whole schedule and didn’t run at all.
I like the vac when it works but there are clearly issues that need to be fixed with this. Hoping they get it right soon.

100% agree! I have an area rug that the vac continually tries to go over but is too thick for it. The area rug does not line up with how the virtual wall is positioned so this feature is pretty much useless unless you are very fortunate the you live in nothing but a square box…

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Add the ability to make rooms any size and from any walls (even if they are virtual).

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Throwing my two cents here. Because of the way my house is setup it is hard to separate rooms because the app will not let me split rooms the way that I would like. It will only allow far wall to far wall of the house.
I would love to use the center area to be used to split rooms like they are in the house.