Wyze Robot Vacuum - Issue with strong wifi passwords?


I try to keep separate WiFi networks for different kind of devices. Not separate SSIDs but separate networks (call me paranoid if you want).

Well, my Wyze devices connect to one of the low-trust networks, with no access to my computers or servers. This network requires a strong password to connect.

All attempts to connect the Wyze Robot Vacuum were unsuccessful. As a last resort I decided to try connecting to the lowest-trust network, where I connect devices that I am testing or are obsolete.
Surprise! the Robot Vacuum connected immediately to this network.

I checked both networks. Same router model, same firmware level. The only difference I can find is the password in the lowest-trust network is short and does not contain spaces or special characters.

My other Wyze devices do not have a problem connecting to the networks with strong passwords (spaces, special characters).

Anyone experiencing this same issue?

As I recall, all (or at least most) of the Wyze products don’t like spaces in passwords. This is not unique to Wyze. Lots of devices wont accept spaces in passwords. I use a password manager so all my passwords are cryptic garbage, but I never leave a space in a PW,
BTW, I also have my Wyze devices on a separate SSID which ends up on a separate LAN. That LAN can get to the Internet, but can’t access any other LAN at the house.

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I see you think the same way. Separation.

All my other Wyze devices are on a low-trust network, either wireless or wired.
The wireless uses a long password with spaces. The wired, a smart switch.
My wiring rack is behind my closet, so wife can’t complain.

The Robot vacuum went to the same network with the MyQ garage opener, the Sonoff switches, all with the same issue: no accepting spaces. They are now together with some Nest devices that decided not to accept spaces in the password after two years of doing it (without notice).

I also use a password manager, but there are too many devices on the other networks, and changing the password is a real pain. It is easy on the trusted network (about 12 devices) but on the other low-trust networks I have about 60 devices, so changing the password will be the last option.

Yep, don’t entirely trust honorably Chinese cameras (or some other IoT devices). I have the advantage that my professional grade WiFi can support up to 15 SSIDs - each coming from a separate VLAN. My Mikrotik routers can allow or isolate whatever I want. None of teh WiFi VLANs can access the primary home LANs.
As I recall, I discovered that the Wyze cameras did not like a space in the password really early on - like when I only had 2 cameras. I just looked, and I have just over 40 devices on my two IoT networks (one is 2.4GHz only and the other is 5GHz only). Don’t want to have to change all of those!