Wyze Robot Vacuum Holiday Beta Firmware is Here! Apply for an opportunity to use this beta firmware by Christmas Eve 12/24/21!

I always select all devices. I like testing Beta and accept the risk. I also have .173.

I just made sure, my app is up to date and my vacuum is opted into the beta program.

They must have already added your Mac address or something since they asked for it in the survey above. Bummer!

Sad to hear about Alexa only doing the house though! I dream of being able to tell the vacuum to clean a certain room.

It was there when we tested the Beta Alexa App. I am sure it will be there in the prod version as well

So did this ever happen?

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Happened like the “2K via future update” for the original doorbell.


…but in all seriousness, no, it didn’t happen.


Just a polite bump. Wyze- You obviously have a handful of evangelists here that want to support and help the company.

Good time for you guys to come back to this thread! :heart:

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(post deleted by author)

When was the spot cleaning and mult floor mapping enabled on 173? I feel like i’ve already had it for a couple of months, never realized when it came out but glad its there.

I do have an issue on deleting individual maps, it actually won’t delete a single map for me if I tell it to. All i can do is remap which will then replace that existing map i’m trying to wipe.

Works will good otherwise, our vacuum is a workhorse. The key is to keeping its filters and brushes well maintained!

The Multi Floor has been there for sometime now, not sure of the exact Date either. However, to delete a map:

  • Tap on the Multi-Floor icon to all of your Maps
  • Tap Edit in the Top Right (Shown in Image 1)
  • Then Select the Delete (Trash Can) next to the Map you wish to Delete
  • Tap on Done

I am using the Adroid App Version: 2.27.33


Obviously this didn’t happen, but can someone from WYZE tell me how to get some beta firmware for my vacuum?

I am a day one customer and have never gotten a beta, but I’m getting beta’s for other products in my home! Maybe something is wrong. Thanks!

In the Wyze app go to account → about → beta program → edit → check the boxes of the devices you want to test.


Yeah I’m opted in already

Weird that @WyzeHongfei dropped this and abandoned it 3 days before Christmas? Why post to begin with?

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Yeah. Kind of disappointing for the brand. I’m testing Unifi cameras now as an alternative but they don’t make a robot vacuum :rofl:

I don’t work for Wyze, but I did get an answer for you… WyzeHongfei’s invitation was sincere. Users jumped on this beta opportunity and the firmware testing pool was quickly filled. No word on if/when this opportunity will again be available or the timing of the next public beta or production releases.


So it was a kid size pool, only fit 4? :joy:

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Yeah since we can see how many people click/view this topic and signup doc it would be nice to have a bit more communication from @WyzeHongfei.

The lack of communication and confusion seems to leave a bad taste in our mouth for the brand.

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Any updates on these features? I see a beta firmware was rolled out for the robot vacuum, but doesn’t include these features, and isn’t available to anyone testing multi-room.

I’m pretty sure the 1.6.199/1.6.202 beta firmware includes the features listed in this topic’s 1st post. Hoping @WyzeAndy will confirm this.


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