Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test 3/1/2022

We have a couple of Wyze Robot Vacuum firmware versions to test but this one is a bit different than normal. Here’s how this one works:

  • Only beta testers that are starting with the robot vacuum firmware version 1.6.113 will receive these updates

  • Once those vacuums are updated to version 1.6.199, they’ll get access to the second update

  • The final update version for testing will be 1.6.202

Robot vacuums that are not on this firmware track will not receive these updates due to incompatibility with the already installed software.

Here’s what’s new:

Wyze Robot Vacuum Beta (only devices using firmware 1.6.113 can receive this update)

Version: 1.6.199

What’s New:

  • Improved the navigation algorithm

  • Fixed audio prompt bugs

  • Fixed firmware update bugs

Wyze Robot Vacuum Beta (only devices using firmware 1.6.199 can receive this update)

Version: 1.6.202

What’s New:

  • Security improvements

Awe shucks I wanna be a tester. :pensive::pensive::unamused::unamused:

It should be possible to go back to 1.6.113 which is the current stable version, right? Leave your current beta and factory reset. I assumed a factory reset was going to be needed eventually, especially with how mine has been acting up lately. I’m deciding if to wait till the next stable.

I’m not sure a “factory reset” will restore to the firmware version that the vacuum was shipped with. I could be wrong.

I was thinking before it would let you downgrade it would be required to do a factory reset. Sounds like it’s not possible to downgrade and you will have to wait for the next stable, I hope the incompatibilities will be fixed.

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We just bought / received our Wyze vacuum. We started with the Beta app, device is listed. But we do not get any cue to update the firmware. It is still at 1.6.113 and says we’re up to date.

Android app v.2.30.0 (b118)


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Unfortunately, that’s the most current for you. They are trickling out updates to the robot vacuum; not every Beta user can upgrade.


In case you’re not aware… in addition to signing up for and installing the beta application for testing, you need to separately select the products (firmware) you wish to beta test:

Wyze app Home > Account > About > Beta Program > Edit > select Wyze Robot Vacuum and any other products > Save

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I am on 1.6.202 and unable to switch maps. I can select a different map but it doesn’t update the map on the screen so I can’t click on the room to vacuum. Any ideas?

I have been a beta member and still only have 1.6.130 and cannot figure out how to get the latest update.

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I was advised by your support team to request the firmware for beta testing so I can map multiple floors on the robot vacuum that I recently purchased.

Would you please push the firmware update to my device? I believe I’m currently running firmware 1.6.113.

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Follow the instructions here depending on if you are iOS or Android to get the Beta app:

Then when you have the Beta App installed, Open it and go to the Account Tab, – Click About. – Select Beta Program – Click Edit and put a check mark on the Robot Vacuum --SAVE – go back to the main screen again. Go to the Home Tab and open up the robot vacuum. – Select Settings (Gear Icon) --Device Info --Firmware version and update to the latest Beta Firmware available to you.

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The app indicates that I’m on the latest version being (1.6 113). I’m unable to upgrade so I can map multiple floors. Please advise

Trying to see what I can find out. Looks like it was first released last May:

But I am reading that some people didn’t receive it at that time.

I am showing the newest release for beta testing was in March

If you followed the previous instructions and got the Beta app installed and then enrolled the Robot Vacuum to receive Beta Firmware, I am not sure why you are not receiving another update at this time. I can only guess that either it takes a little while for the system to acknowledge and approve access to the beta firmware, or else they have currently paused that beta update track for now. They have done this a few times based on testing and feedback.

Im on firmware 1.6.202, plugin 2.31.10, and have had numerous issues the past few weeks. I have it go to clean a single room through the app/through alexa but it wanders over to a spot in my dining room on the opposite side of the house everytime before it goes to clean the specified room. It also tends to get lost on the way back to the charging station. Never had any issues with navigation before. It will now also sometimes ignore that Im asking it to clean a room and instead try to clean my whole home by going around the entire outer perimeter of my home (not even the perimeter for a single room). The app also has a bug, when I open the map, I need to wait a few seconds before selecting a single room to clean. If I select a room within the first few seconds it somehow resets and unselects the room after about 5 seconds. I then need to select the room again before pressing the vacuum button.

I’m on 1.6.173 hoping an update is available soon! Any info?


@WyzeAndy any update on this? When will this be pushed to other devices?

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I’m wondering when the newer firmware will be available too!

Also, I have an issue where I can’t delete no-go zones: (x-posted in Home)

Create a no-go zone, save and…it’s there.
Go back and delete the no-go zone, it usually reappears immediately or after killing and restarting the app.
The only reliable way I found to delete a no-go zone was on a vac with multiple floors setup…
Once you delete, change to another floor, and then reload the original floor. No-go zone should then be gone for good. The only vac I tested with the multiple floor setup was on 1.6.202.

Vac Firmware 1.6.173 as well as 1.6.202
Android App v2.32.0 (154)
Android 10 and 12 tested.


@WyzeAndy Any update on the firmware issue? when will it be rolled out to more vacuums?