Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test 1/17/2021

@rdalger Thanks for the tip. I had not tried that. Map is back now but will try that next time for sure…thx

@rdalger Can you explain where the Quick Map function is located in the BetaApp? I don’t see it on my end but I’m wondering since I already have the first floor mapped I may need to perform a Map Reset in order to run a Quick Map…

@ckdaone yes, after you Reset Map (or when fits setting up the WRV) it will be on the middle of the main WRV page, where the map would normally be displayed. If you already have a map on that page you will have to delete it (Reset Map on the menu) before you’ll see the function.

This post shows a pic of the display. https://forums.wyze.com/t/2-17-app-beta-test-wyze-robot-vacuum-firmware-beta-test-1-15-2021/156272/15?u=rdalger

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@rdalger… thanks. I did reset the map and performed a Quick Mapping. Impressed with it so far since it only took 14min to map the area with 98% battery left. The vacuum should be able to map more rooms on the first floor in a few weeks so another Map Reset is in the future… thanks once again…



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