Wyze Robot Vacuum - Alexa Voice Control is coming!

Omg this is so excited. This has made my day. Can’t wait to beta test. Thanks so much for prioritizing this feature.

Awesome! Survey is complete. Can’t wait for this feature!!!

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I didn’t get selected for tickets to next year’s Masters golf tournament, so fingers crossed that I get selected for this! :wink:

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Any news on multi-floor map saving? We have a lot of split levels in our house and regularly use the vacuum to clean on 4 different floors, requiring us to reset the map each time.


I believe multi floor mapping is in beta currently.


I just saw that on a different thread. Super excited!

I am a beta tester and already have this feature. You should sign up to be a beta tester.

That version of beta is no longer available. The only version available is 1.6.113.

Did anyone get access to new Alexa feature, yet?

If only I could actually divide my house up into rooms. That would allow the use of this for sure. But not being able to actually define rooms by inner walls makes it so I can’t just say “Alexa vacuum dining room”.

…but you can divide the floor into specific rooms. If you get “the room is too small” message, you just need to play with the map, it could be a pain sometimes, but nothing persistence cannot fix.

When will there be google home intergration?


Sweet! Thank you for this. I have been looking forward to this feature. I will especially be using this for room/spot cleaning.

Done! Happy to test it

Happy to hear this as I patiently wait for Google integration! Sorry, no Alexa in my house…

Excellent! I’ve added myself and Dusty to your beta tester list!

No you cannot. The inner core of my house like others is not able to be used as a wall for mapping purposes. They’ve known about this problem since the beginning and have yet to rectify it. The only walls that can be selected are outer walls that don’t have a room on the other side.

See the inner walls of my house aren’t the same color and thus will not allow the line to snap there? The closest I can get is two separate doorways in two different rooms in this example. My kitchen and my dining room in this map are called room 4.

You can do it with lots of patience. I have smaller rooms, like the bathroom in below picture and was able to split everything the way I wanted.

UPDATE: I see the color of your inner walls, so I get what you’re saying, now. That sucks :frowning:

Just a silly question. But are you working on a motion activated squirt gun mounted on the vacuum to deter my cat from playing with “Rosie” while she is working.

Thanks for the update


i am good beta tester b/c i also have a deebot (which has integration) …not to mention xioami…and it will be good to see how amazon handles commands about different vacuums being started via specific commands… including two vacuums on the same floor level

you are 100% correct. My kitchen is ‘open concept’ into the family room and only has a half wall separating the two with an open floor plan otherwise. The mapping is unable to allow me to add a room separating the two and just views it all as one big room