Wyze Products not connecting to Alexa since security updates (late Dec 2019)

Hi- my Alexa integration for Cams, bulbs and plugs was working great until the Christmas security update. I’ve re-enabled the Alexa Skill and the Wyze apps operates everything properly, but I still cannot get Alexa to recognize ANY Wyze products. Anyone have the same issue? Suggestions? Thanks

Did you follow these instructions? Someone else said they needed to reinstall the Alexa app as well, but your mileage may vary.

Same here.I have the bulbs. I did what they said and still they don’t work with Alexa.

It’s a mess right now with Alexa , IFTTT, etc. I’ve had Alexa skills dropping, needing to be unlinked/re-linked or even fixing themselves multiple times since the database leak. It happened before that too, but nowhere near as often. Just ten minutes ago I walked onto my porch to where I have a motion sensor set to turn on a Wyze bulb and a Wyze plug on a lamp and it failed, BUT, triggered nearly a full minute later as I was walking back from taking the garbage out. So it worked, but with at least a minute delay.

I don’t know if Wyze is actively tweaking their system or not since all these problems got worse last week to try and fix things, but if so, maybe they should stop until they get it right on a test system. I’m just speculating, but in the last week multiple things keep failing and then start working again.

Just ran some tests, the rules to turn on lights aren’t working at all at the moment, not even with the minute delay I was getting a little earlier. I hard rebooted the camera with the bridge, solid blue light, checked the sensors on the Wyze app and they are all working and reporting motion or in the case of the door contact sensor, reporting open and closed properly. Right now though, not only are they failing to turn on the lights, but now I also stopped getting notifications on my phone from the contact sensor.
This is getting old really fast.

Edited to add: just as I hit reply the lights came on and I got a door notification at least FIVE MINUTES after the fact…LOL

I really don’tthink this is just a “new” phenomenon. Lots of complaints about slow triggering since the sensor integrations.

Could be, but the slowness is new to me. I’ve had them completely go off line more times than I want to say in the past, but the strange behavior and delayed notifications and rules problem is brand new to me, and I’ve been using it since it was available. Ever since the data leak all the auxiliary functions like Alexa, IFTTT, etc, have gone nuts. Not due to the data leak or my system being hacked or anything like that, but just because of the things Wyze has done since the leak such as token revoke

Looks like there is a lot of that going around. I can’t really say much about the sensors, almost all mine are stuck in a box now. I do have a couple motion sensors still hanging around, but the notifications have not ever really been timely. Although, I have had zero issues viewing my cams through echo/fireTV devices since the token was revoked.

My sensors aren’t working right now. Did soft and hard restarts of the bridge cam. Bulbs work through app but not by sensor triggers. Looking at rule history last successful fire was around 6pm central.

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