Wyze pressure sensor

A baby sensor that goes under the baby mattress but can trigger the app for notifications or on screen on the echo show for wyze cam. New parents love baby tech especially when they can actually afford it.

What function would this perform? Basically a pressure sensor to alert you when there’s movement?

While it’s not the same thing, you could play around with the PIR motion sensor to see whether it works for that purpose. You may end up with false positives though. If it’s pointed directly at the baby’s body, it might be sensitive to small movements.

Pressure sensors could be placed under welcome mats, litter boxes, seat covers, mattresses, etc.
Could trigger upon detected pressure and/or relief of pressure, duration, or degree,

I have modified the title of this topic to be more inclusive of other possible use cases of this special type of sensor. :slight_smile:

Pressure sensitive pad, adjustable to ignore weight of cushion so it only triggers when someone sits down.