Wyze plugs occasionally failing rule

We are all in on Wyze plugs and cameras, controlling the hen door, lights for commercial hydroponics and catching a video of a bobcat grabbing a chicken.

Lately 2 of the plugs inconsistently activate on the rule. I’ll find the plug hasn’t either opened or closed the hen door or hasn’t turned off or on a section of lights. It’s happening more frequently in the last 2 weeks. Any solution to getting it back to being automatic?

Obvious first: Using the latest firmware? Any changes to your network possibly causing connection loss?

You are using rules and not the plug schedule, correct?

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Sorry to hear that you are having problems. I would guess this has serious consequences too. If you have the time to read what some of us think about Wyze plugs, you will learn on your own that there’s a number of avid smart home/IoT users that simply don’t depend on Wyze plugs. They have a more common habit of those problems that you described that most other brands.

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I found the problem with one of the failing plugs. Overheating. I’m running 12.4 amps through it for hydroponic LED lights and it’s rated for 15 amps. No overheating when the section of lights is plugged directly into the outlet.