Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in on both of them.

Yeah, I thought I was on to something…turns out I was just on something…hopeium. In the end, I’ve found that the name makes no difference.

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Oh well, it was worth a try.

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I seem to remember reading that the advantage of the schedule was that it was stored on the plugs.
My experience with them is they don’t work when the plug is offline. It may be that the plug is offline due to being in some error state, so the offline status is a symptom.

Same here, not ready for prime time at this rate

Been going on 18 days with no issues once on on all 6 plugs.

I have four of these that worked ok for months, but now they all disconnect in a day or two. Blue light flashing. Unplug and replug does not work for me. I have to delete and re-add every time, then fix them in Google and Alexa. Firmware 12.0.176.

Very frustrating. About to just give up on these.

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It has been over a full week since the last “release” of firmware, which was failing in BETA testing, was pulled. There has been zero communication here on the forums regarding the plan moving forward.
Unless of course I’ve missed it?

This problem is a major issue and has persisted for nearly 2-months now. What’s the dealio?

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Agreed. I’m at a point where I’m contemplating replacements, much as it irks me, but I need to have a reliable system up fairly quickly.
Even though they are way overpriced, the Amazon one I have has very rarely had an issue over the few years we’ve had it.

Not sure what changed (suspect something on the Wyze backend), but my second gen (bluetooth) plugs have remained online and connected for about two weeks. I haven’t made any changes on my end (no app or firmware updates) which is why I suspect something on the Wyze servers.

WildBill, I concur. Its been a little over a week for me. Normally, they’re offline in under 3 days.

Well, I’ll give it a shot for the halibut. Interesting that after being unplugged for weeks, it synched back up without needing to reset it.
Keep my fingers crossed… Thanks for the update

Wish I could say the same. I have 4 plugs and will have a random one go offline every day or two.

Oddly, this morning 2 of my 4 indoor plugs turned themselves off. I also had an outdoor plug turn one of the outlets off. One of the other indoor plugs was turned on at the time, but did not turn itself off. Then the 4th and final indoor plug was off at the time and remained off.

I have never shared a plug with anyone and my account is secured with a Microsoft Authenticator MFA token. I find it odd that the 3 (two indoor and one outdoor) plugs all powered off at the exact same time. They were all still connected to my WiFi network, so I simply powered them back on again without a problem.

Maybe they applied a back end fix to my account or something? Did anyone else experience anything like this today?

I had another blinker last night. :frowning:

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Blinker last night over here too :frowning:

Was about to say something about 3 out of my 4 needing to be reset multiple times since firmware update…make that 4/4 now. Sucks

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I have four plugs that I’ve not been using for anything important, so haven’t been paying attention to them.

I now have one on the floor lamp in the living room, one on the headboard light in the bedroom, My wife uses those daily, so, if they go offline, I’ll certainly get notified :slight_smile:

One is running my garage shop lights, and turn on those lights when the garage door opens (Wyze Entry Sensor) , or the door to the garage door from the laundry opens (Wyze Entry Sensor) or motion is detected in the Garage, turning off the lights if no motion for detected for 2 minutes)

I’ve noticed they are 'blinkers" often, but I’ve not spoke up about as I didn’t have time to deal with them. I imagine there are many potential ‘blinkers’ out there that Wyze isn’t hearing about.

And, one at my computer desk… running a desk lamp…

I’ll be sure and send a log, and post that log number if it continues to occur.


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As other people have noted, something seems to have changed because my two plugs have now been on line for about 6 days. Nothing else in my system has changed so it seems likely a change Wyze made has improved things?

I am glad that things are working properly for you and others. All we can do is hope that WYZE lets us know what is being done. Maybe someone is rolling through each account one by one and applying a fix because they do not have a way to automate it? Something like that would certainly explain why some are good to go and others continue to suffer… At this point, who really knows?

Oh well. Made it two days and the plug I used to see if was fixed is offline and blinking again. The one that has been relatively stable, making it a week or two before it is a blinker, is still fine, for the moment. I’m giving this about 10 days before I replace them all with something different, due to need.
Maybe it’s a chip inconsistency, which would be difficult to address but the correct path would have been to offer a rollback version to those having issues. They did seem to work fine for a while. It’s a normal software option when things like this happen.
I’m not sending logs in either. After 30+ years in software dev/hardware, if you haven’t found it in the logs you already have, you’re either looking in the wrong spot or already know the issue and just can’t nail down a fix for it. In reality, the event causing the issue may not be logged/transmitted, which can often be the case.

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