Wyze Plug vs. Sonoff Basic LED Flicker

I just installed/upgraded a set of outdoor rope lights from incandescent to led (about 50’ in length from 1,000bulbs.com). They are currently controlled through a Sonoff Basic. I noticed that the lights sometimes have a slight flicker and am suspicious that the Sonoff might be the reason. I haven’t had time to test the lights directly plugged in to the outlet. If I do find that the flicker is caused by the Sonoff, is it possible that the Wyze Plug would perform better?

Thanks in advance!

Do they flicker when plugged directly into the wall? LED bulbs can flicker sometimes, especially cheaper ones.

Perhaps the same internal components as your Basic…
For the past 3 years I have used a Sonoff TH16 with a temperature/humidity sensor for auto/manual controlling a dehumidifier. Has worked flawlessly and has a nice app.

Please post your findings.