Wyze Plug on for set time when triggered

Wyze Cam detects motion → Turn on light via Wyze Plug for 10 minutes → Turn off plug after 10 minutes,

Wyze Cam detecs motion → Turn on light via Wyze Plug → Wyze cam stops detecting motion → Turn off light via Wyze Plug. This would be a better option. This takes into account the Wyze Cam cool down period.

You can “kinda” do this already (at least the first one):

  1. Rule 1: Trigger = Cam detects motion, Action = turn plug on
  2. Rule 2: Trigger = Plug has been on for 10 minutes, Action = turn plug off

Only problem is this will also turn the plug off if it was turned on manually.

For the 2nd example, here’s the existing #wishlist topic to vote for: Rule Trigger On Camera "Has Been Clear For" / No Motion Detected For.

For a better solution for the first example, the following two #roadmap topics are relevant:
Shortcuts and Rules with multiple and/or conditional triggers
Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers


I would like to see as a part of the rules, say the Wyze Cam detects motion/person and you turn on a light or plug, that you can set it to be on for a certain length of time.

Device Trigger: Wyze Living Room - Trigger Detects a Person
Add Action: Living Room Plug - Turns on

This can be with the Action, Leave Plug (or light) on for XX time in minutes

So in this case, it would turn on and turn off at the preset amount of time.

Using Zero could be to leave it on till you turn it off, or a preset time of say 1 min to 60 minutes to shut off.