Wyze Plug network disruption?

I’ve been using Wyze cameras for a very long time, with no issues. I just added a few Plugs to the mix, and am experiencing some network issues.

I use a TP-Link EAP245 wifi access point, which has 2.4 and 5.6 radios, and I use two SSIDs. One can use either radio, the other is limited to 2.4 and is what most IoT things use. Since installing the Plugs, I’ve found that after a few hours, they go offline, and everything else on the 2.4 network also goes offline (other brands’ IoT devices, my cellphone can’t connect to it, etc). If I reboot the AP, it works again, for a time. I upgraded my firmware from 1.0.0 to the most recent on the AP, with no change in behavior.

Anyone seen this before? Unplugged the plugs this morning, and now everything else works again. I’ll continue to test, but right now it seems like just having the plugs set up (they work fine, for a while) is the issue.

I am using the same access point and haven’t experienced this problem myself. Could be channel congestion. Rebooting the AP will change the channel used for most devices. If you have overlap with your neighbors, an old microwave, or a 2.4 ghz radio phone, the issue can be exacerbated.

@wayneluke may be correct. I had a Nighthawk R7000 that was unreliable with the amount of devices I was connecting to the 2.4Ghz band. I found I was reaching the limit of 32 devices per band. It was also getting old. After I upgraded to an Amplifi HD mesh, my problems disappeared. That was experience, but it may not match your own.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll check into channel congestion on the 2.4Ghz. I do live in a city…

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interestingly, with one attached (I have 4, have only ever set up 3), all seems well. Attaching either of the other two causes the network to bomb after <1 hr. It’s definitely attached to the “G” SSID (my 2.4ghz-only SSID, as opposed to the other which can do 2.4 or 5.6). There are only 3 other devices attached to that SSID, and 5 on the other SSID on 2.4Ghz, so device count overload seems out of the question.

Will keep testing.

So pretty much anytime I have more than one of these activated at once… within an hour or three the whole 2.4ghz network goes down, have to reboot the AP.

Will try resurrecting some other wifi device as another 2.4ghz AP to see what happens then. It’s not a matter of how many devices… I should be able to have many many more. And have had more. Also: no microwave use tonight. :slight_smile:

I have the same AP and I haven’t had any problems with my IOT SSID. There are 3 Wyze Cameras, 4 Wyze plugs, a Wyze sensor Bridge, a TP-Link plug, a Ring Doorbell, and 5 Amazon Echo devices on that SSID. My bulbs are Phillips Hue so are technically connected to Ethernet via the hub.

Maybe one of your devices is faulty. Not sure how you would test since it works with one device.

Yes what you are experiencing seems unusual. I would consider trying a new AP, and returning it if it didn’t help. Beyond that, it’s worth a trip to Wyze support:


This one is destined to remain a mystery for now. Of the 4 plugs, one works reliably on my regular AP. Connecting any of the others (with or without the Good One running) will cause my 2.4GHz channel to die within an hour or two. So I fired up an ancient B/G/N AP that I haven’t used in years and added it to the network, and connected the problem children to it. Works fine. Maybe after a few firmware updates (do these get those??) I’ll retry the main system with them.