Wyze Plug Beta Orders

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Through the Wyze App or through the website…nothing but trouble. Lame deployment and even worse support.

“Just keep jamming your credit card info in there…it may work!”

would not let me complete the order if i selected two… i really dont want to pay double shipping… can you add another one? or if i order a second set will you combine them and not charge for the second shipping?

Anybody else also having issues accessing the order history through the app? I keep getting an error saying “order data processing failed”…

Got my order in at 11:58 E.T. … happy fella right now.

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Well that was disappointing. Invited to the pre-order and couldn’t place an order :confused:

Keep trying until they are sold out. I went through 5 cycles of trying to order before my order went through.

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Will the activation of one plug (via a switched outlet) be able to turn on another plug (always on outlet) and vice versa (deactivation via turning off switched outlet turn off another plug that’s always live)? This would enable the use case of one lamp (outlet) turning on (and off) another lamp.

I was able to get one into my shopping cart earlier today and finally it appears to have gone through PayPal from the app!

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Order confirmed…great work guys!

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@wally809, I shared your ticket number with the team.

@tatkinson83, you receive 2 plugs with one order.

@Simobou, the plugs will not support 220V. Thanks for asking!

@securitycamguy, we apologize. We were able to add a queue system for the website but had to pull the Wyze Plug from the app while we work on the order troubles through there.

@southern_gal, were you able to get your order through? I unfortunately cannot add an item to an order.

@ferbarcelona10, the order history is something that we’re working on and we apologize for the trouble. This will be a longer term fix than we initially expected.

@davearrrrr, we apologize for the trouble! Were you able to put your order in through the website later?

@josh.forest, looks like we would be able to do turn on/off actions through Shortcuts but it won’t do status checks to turn one on or off depending on the ongoing status of the other plug. Thanks for asking!

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@WyzeGwendolyn thanks for the response

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I just pre-ordered mine!

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Thanks, Jeff! :smiley:

I just got my Pre-Order in… :grinning:

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OK…so…it does not appear to have been Russians or Chinese hackers getting my personal and credit card data. Just some regular web site stuff. Right? Cool.

And to be clear, your support in this thread appears to be helpful to many people. Thanks for that. Their exact words were “Keep trying”.
Good job with the queue.

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Thank you! I appreciate your kind words about my support. I’ll talk to the rest of the support team about better ways to communicate in these cases. Unfortunately, we don’t have great advice for this kind of problem other than, “Please keep trying,” or, “Please try again later.” Would you like to give me your support ticket number so I can look into your conversation?

So if I see the charge on my card and have an order number, but went through the beta software to purchase the new plugs, it would not be an actual order? Order # 691134


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