Wyze Plug and Netgear extender don't play well

I probably could have placed the extender a little further from the router (both Netgear, BTW), but I was more interested in continuity, so I placed it in the same (double) socket as a Wyze Plug used to control a room fan (being able to turn the fan on or off via a voice command to Alexa, or through the Wyze app is a real boon, since the socket is behind a chair.) The Plug almost immediately began to have problems. Finally, it would not turn off. Since the only difference was the extender placement, I moved it to another socket without a Wyze Plug. The extender works, but I had to replace the Wyze Plug. It wouldn’t function properly even after relocating the extender. I couldn’t do a factory reset, either. I just replaced it with another Plug, which is working as it should - including Alexa commands. Mea Culpa. I lost a Plug, but found out what NEVER to do again.