Wyze plug a joke

I bought 2 plugs when they came out a while back but finally used them about a month ago. They are both up to date in terms of firmware.

I had a plug set up to turn on/off Christmas lights and every day I have to unplug and replug the device so my iPhone and Alexa can see it.

The plus flashes the blue LED every day. Is there something I’m missing here on how to make these work consistently?

Its trying to sink to your wifi,what is your wifi signal level at the plug

The 2.4 is 100%, I even used a computer app to ensure there was no interference on the channel I chose.

My 2 v2 cams and 1 v3 cams work perfect on the 2.4 wifi

I don’t know how to help. I have 6 plugs that I got through Early Access and they have been rock solid for me.

If you have 2 plugs and you are having a problem with 1 of them, swap the plugs and see if the problem is just that plug device.

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