Wyze Please fix issues with app

know this is a user forum, but I refuse to spend time in a chat or on the phone to simply impart information that Wyze needs to know. So I’ll post it here and maybe they will read it or maybe not.

  1. Please test your app store on machines with Microsoft Edge as the default browser. You won’t be able to complete a purchase. Tested on two different Android devices, and an IOS–same failure on all.
  2. Please warn users purchasing SD card accessories that the larger one only works in certain products–currently the newest outdoor cam only as far as I can see.
    As it is, you go to order an SD card, you are offered a lower capactiy one and a higher capacity one. How do you knowledgably choose at this point?
    Bill Sanderson

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What does this mean? There is no Wyze App Store. The app is on the normal Apple and Android stores. That’s all.

If you saw it on the Windows store it was a fake, rogue app.

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As far as I’m aware the Micro SD card works for all devices that have a slot, up to 256 gb exFAT

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They technically work but there are some having an issue where it starts overwriting when it reached 100GB, this has been brought up to the team.


My outdoor cam v1 doesn’t recognize the larger card when it is inserted. I have a v2 on order so I’ll see what happens with that by Saturday or so.

Given your response, I’ll re-check the card in one of my outdoor v1’s.

The recording to 100GB issue that I know of I have only heard about on the v2 and v3 USB powered cameras, I will be awaiting your answer to know if the WCO has the same issue

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The Wyze app was purchased through the normal stores on both IOS and android.

The store I speak of is the store option within the Wyze App. I want to purchase that way because I get discounts and it is cheaper.

So, the app is completely legit, and it works correctly with some other default browser than Edge, but it is impossible to complete a transaction with Edge as the default browser. Edge is available on Android, IOS, and Windows.

Nothing rogue involved.

How are using edge. Thats a web browser. The Wyze app is not a web browser

Yeah, the Store portion of the Wyze app has nothing to do with any browser. If you clicked n something with that Store portion and it took you out of the app and opened Edge, there is an issue with your device, could be a browser hijack and such.

I know when you open the Store within the Wyze app, it is arranged in the same kind of fashion as it would be displaced in a browser, but know, its not any kind of browser, its just a page just like Accounts is just another page (or part if you prefer) of the app…

Hope the above helps.


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The Wyze app uses the browser to complete purchase, apparently.

It uses an api to communicate with Wyze or one of their partners like any app. Microsoft edge is not involved in any way. If the shop is not formatted correctly on your device, please provide screenshots of the issue as well as info on the device your using.

The repro instructions are very simple.

Install the Wyze app from the relevant store on either IOS or Android.

Test a purchase operation with any default browser other than Edge. I haven’t tested this, but I’m sure Chrome and Safari probably work

Install Edge from the relevant store—the same one you got the Wyze app from

Attempt to complete a purchase within the Wyze app.

Folks in this forum are pretty naive about how apps work—they definitely use browser calls to do their work regardless of the platform—IOS, Android, or Windows.

By “browser calls” if you mean that it opens a browser in the app to complete the checkout, which I don’t think it does, that doesn’t matter what other browser apps you have installed, on IOS it always uses safari. Android could be diffrent, but again the Wyze app doesn’t even do that.

If you can provide images that show there’s an issue, we will continue troubleshooting but so far I don’t think there’s an issue.

Insults aside, that much is often true. However I’ve never been crazy enough to buy through an app or to change my default browser on Android, even though I use Firefox variants nearly exclusively when using Android (that is, I run Fennec or Focus instead of Chrome, by, you know, launching them.) Why ask for operational trouble? And since Edge is just Chromium anyway I don’t quite see the point.

Anyhow, now that it’s clearer what he means, this is conceivably a valid issue, even if one that affects nearly nobody.

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