Wyze Pan not working with magnet

So I decided to mount my wayze upside down in my basement from a clamp and a magnet. the issue I am having the Wyze doesn’t seem to want to work when it is up there. It works fine when I take it down and use it on a flat surface without a magnet attached.

Anyone else have issues like this? It seems to also make a lot of beeping annoying noises when it is mounted on the magnet.

I would like to think the magnet is not being affecting the components inside. have not had any issues till now.

I would definitely say the magnet is affecting the motor. I’m 99.9% sure that’s why the Pan didn’t come with a magnetic base like the other camera (V2).


Makes sense, Just wanted to confirm. didn’t know if they had a way to shield that. Never know with how things are made nowadays. Thank you for the confirmation.

@Runicmajier, you’re very welcome! :slight_smile: