Wyze Pan Camera only gets power after spinning base

I have several Wyze Cams, Half of which are the Pan model. I have only had intermittent SD Card issues with the non-pan Cams. A couple of my Pan Cams lose power on a regular basis. In order to get the power back on, I slowly spin the base at the bottom until I head a click. The camera will power up after that click. Some require multiple rotations and one usually works with a half rotation. Anyone else experiencing this?
I have removed the SD Cards, change both cord and adapter, move to a different outlet. All to no avail. I contacted Wyze support and was told to try the things I have been doing again as they are not aware of anyone else having this issue.

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This sounds to me like a possible hardware issue. I’m surprised they haven’t replaced those cameras and/or asked for you to send them back so they can determine the root cause.

Mine stopped working about a week ago and I had to do the same thing. It shows a yellow light and doesn’t connect or start up anymore though.

I purchased a pan cam a year ago and it worked fine for about 6 months and stopped working After some trial and error I tried the spin the base method and it worked for a while. I would have to repeat it about every 3 weeks or so. Eventually it got worse and I decided to give up and disposed of it. I still have 3 V2 cameras and other Wyze accessories that have held up well but I don’t miss the pan cam. It never lived up to expectations.