Wyze Pan all of a sudden won't connect in back bedroom

I’ve used my Wyze Pan last year to watch over our litter in the puppy room. Up until yesterday it was working fine. It says it has 89% wi-fi signal strength. Our deck camera outside through a sliding glass door has 100% wi-fi signal strength. Granted there are walls for wi-fi to have to go through but the whole house is only 1300 sq ft and less than 50 feet wide. I pay a fortune to the cable company for this connection and I can’t even read my cell phone on wi-fi from my bedroom. Is there ANY way to improve the connection? I’ve been told boosters or repeaters don’t really work that well. I really NEED to get a camera on these puppies as soon as possible…

Need info as to what kind of router/wifi system you have. Where is the router? Are you in a dense neighborhood with lots of other wifi networks?

Need as much info as to your wifi system as you can say. Since that is the issue, and nothing was said about it, the community here would only be guessing at this point. Thanks!

Edit/ for me, I have an all in one dsl router in a mechanical room in my townhouse, and signal in the house was horrible because it was in anroom surrounded by metal machines. The house had structured wiring throughout the house. I took the cat 6 to the kitchen and hooked up an unifi access point. No more issues as everywhere in house is line of sight to the AP, and if not it’s only through one wall away. Fairly dense wifi usage in neighborhood also, so I did a scan and made sure my networks were in the least used area of the spectrum. Rock solid now.

I have Comcast coming out tomorrow… we’ll see what they say… I did JUST get a new firmware update and now it seems that I have connection back there… Praying it stays… I have a litter of 1 day old precious pups back there to monitor…


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What’s the problem? I mean what makes you think it’s your internet?

I have issues frequently, and sometimes it’s a Wyze server issue and sometimes it’s something on my phone’s end.

I have 100% wifi connect in my family room and only 82% wifi connect in my back bedrooms… It could be a connection issue to my wifi… They are coming out to see if they can redistribute the wifi…