Wyze Outdoor in Unexpected Places w/Mother Nature

We saved a monarch chrysalis from a folding chair on 12/22/22 by moving it to hang from a branch within a small netted enclosure which we kept outside but under a solid patio cover.

Though the standard time for this type of chrysalis stage is 10-14 days, we had no change at all for over 25 days.

1/22/23, I brought the enclosure inside the house and into a room where our kitty cat wouldn’t get to it. I expected metamorphosis within a day or two if the chrysalis was still viable.

This morning - 1/26/23 - I could tell the chrysalis was very close to eclosing so I moved one of our Wyze Outdoor cameras into the enclosure and set the timelapse settings. Because I wasn’t sure when it would eclose, I set the time lapse video to run for nearly 13 hours - the time I’d be away at work.

The video here is at 8:26 a.m. and was captured as an Event for this camera.

As you can see, the room was as secure as I had hoped!


That’s cool! Great video, glad you were able to capture it and glad kitty didn’t get in!

Another video of this beauty making his way around the netted enclosure. I hope to release him tonight with my grandsons.


Kitty looks hungry in first video. Maybe your flyer can can catch up with the Pacific Grove Ca. gang headed South.

MindytheCatDog (she fetches) is definitely a hunter and doesn’t get much of the bug hunting while being an indoor kitty. Husband fessed up to having left the door open and he was forgiven ONLY because our friend featured in this video survived! Lucky husband. :grin:

Our eldest grandson named the monarch Tiger Flyer and he (the monarch, not the grandson) was released early this morning.

Here’s a rough little video I made if anyone is interested.
TigerFlyer - Eclose to Release

Didn’t want to let go of Mom. :grin:

Aww, it says the video was removed