Wyze outdoor cam siren too soft

Is there a way to make the siren loud enough outdoor to scare off unwanted animals like Canada geese?

Don’t hold your breath. High volume takes power. Wyze is doing everything on the WCO to reduce power consumption in order to preserve battery life. Yet another compromise that Wyze had to make with the WCO in order to make it battery operated. Just my opinion.

WCO wasn’t originally intended to have a siren, maybe the v3 speaker would be loud enough. Though I’m not sure if either would be enough to deter geeses’s.

Nothing will deter the flying rats (Geese) from Canada. Sometimes they are all over the golf Course I play on and won’t even move off the greens if a ball hits them in the a$$, All they do is leave land mines on the fairways and greens, Makes for bumpy putting :astonished:

Yes. It was an afterthought which I got after I updated the firmware but the siren outside is not loud enough to scare away geese

Gary Diamond