Wyze Outdoor Cam duplicate notifications

My WOC is giving duplicate notifications on my iPhone and iPad. Thoughts ?

wyze cam outdoor dup1

Do you have multiple Wyze app versions on your devices? When was the last time those devices were restarted? So you have any type of notification sync or any sync happening between those devices?

Multiple Wyze apps can do that. Try turning off notifications from the Wyze app on one of the devices (using the bell in the upper right corner of the Wyze app home page). I think because the Wyze apps are on separate devices, this will only affect the one device, leaving you notifications from the other.

OTOH, it does finally give you a unique Wyze alert sound, lol.

Thanks for the replies. The other device is an iPad that is always powered off except when flying my drone.

I just rebooted my iPhone (to be sure) but I do reboot it fairly regularly.