Wyze Outdoor Base station broadcasting open SSID like and access point

Here is a description of the problem - I have a Wyze Outdoor camera that is working correctly. However, the base station is broadcasting two separate SSIDs. One is secured, and the other is not. The problem is I can take any device and connect to the unsecured Wyze SSID and surf the internet freely. The base station is acting like an unsecured, open access point available to anyone within range. The IP address is on a different subnet than my internal LAN, but still on the 198.162.xxx.xxx. This is a significant security flaw. The offending SSID that is open is – wyze_bind_2caa8ae41415

I found the exact issue, with no resolution, on your forum here - Wyze base station broadcasting an open SSID - how to turn it off? - #4 by Brian

Here is my iphone connected and surfing from the base station.

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There is currently a new firmware in Beta testing which addresses these issues. Just waiting on the official release. You can follow the thread HERE

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I would contact support as this is a definite issue, that unsecured network should go away once setup is complete, for some reason yours has stayed active.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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In Beta now. Didn’t have this problem on orig. WCO. Something must have silpped through.

Option to set Wyze base station SSID to hidden network
in-development 68 votes

Wow, that is a pretty gaping security flaw! You’ll usually see me here downplaying security concerns (two factor is not always a good idea) but this is bad.

Also, “hiding” it is just dumb. It MUST be disabled or secured.

This is the exact reason I joined this forum. Security issues. If it is an access point as it clearly shows, and open at that…Shouldn’t there be a web based GUI to have complete control and have the ability to lock this stuff down? The hackers love this kind of flaw. I’m afraid that before too long Wyze will be all over the news as being hacked. I really don’t want that to happen because I have invested a good bit in the cam area but looking to expand to their other products.
Thanks for any feedback… positive or not.

Hi @tjlloyd1
Didn’t experience any open network on my WCO. Only the Wyze Outdoor Camera was able to connect with the base and it took several trys.
If you have this trouble on your WCO then suggest to open a support ticket, so Wyze can address it.

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@dr.know I think some of what I saw was after I had to configure my network using 3 routers, 2 as extenders. I’m glad it’s all showing locked up now. Thanks!

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