Wyze Official Support Response?

Wondering - What is typical response time from Official Wyze support? Submitted details and log files as requested. Somewhat critical issue - Security Hub offline.

(Posted and discussed problems within User Community forums without any solution)


Submitting a log does not generally result in any response other than an automated message with the submission number. Did you open a support case to go along with the log submission?


Here are 11 Troubleshooting tips to try.

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And here is how to get in contact with support

Digital (chat/ticket) - https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us

Call - Contact Us – Wyze

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Yes, received Ticket Number and referenced the Log ID within Ticket.

Walked through every step with no resolution of problem. Opened Ticket submitted Log with ID.


What are the lights on the hub doing?

Three (3) solid white after Successful Setup.