Wyze Ninja (game for kids)

I used a Wyze bulb, sense motion and cam for sound detection to make a game for my kids

I have plans to add a trip line that just pulls the magnet away from a Wyze sense but that needs a little more planning. Hope to see some other fun stuff people do with this idea.


Sounds fun. Maybe I’ll get some now…

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OMG! This is by far the best post on WYZE Community!

I have 3 young kids, and I can imagine the hours of entertainment this will provide (both for them and for me).

Building on this concept, I am thinking maybe to setup 2 bulbs in opposite sides, and making capture-the-flag scenarios. For an added element of play, you could also setup a Wyze Pan Cam and program it to Pan Scan predetermine points (10 second intervals) that would require you to be absolutely still when it is looking at you.

Either way, great suggestion! I think you may have just started a new genre of uses for Wyze products. Just imagine the new Wyze Plug and what it can offer.


So clever!

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just add the automated auto tracking paintball guns next.

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Lol that is one of my favorite things I have seen someone make on YouTube.

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How FUN!


Haha good idea my boys would love that

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That’s fabulous fun!!! So clever.

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