Wyze Night Light Installation

Can someone help with how to use the strips that came with the night lights? The instructions don’t quite make sense.

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Welcome back @vonda4c
They are peel and stick.

Remove the protective coating on both sides of the metal plate (provided)

Add the adhesive strip (provided) to the metal plate on one side, so the tab is exposed if you ever want to remove the metal plate at some point (it’s a pull release like this),

Stick the metal plate where you want the night light to be.

The night light has a magnet that holds it to the metal plate.

Then feel like a princess when they turn on for you in the dark :grin:


I pulled the tab and it tore off. Prying the thing off the wall took the paint with it.

Welcome @margolin!
The adhesive on the Wyze night lights (and many other Wyze products) definitely can take paint off. I would suggest using Command strips if you’re worried about paint coming off.

Yeesh, sorry to hear that. I have yet to have to remove one but will keep that in mind if I ever do… or use the dental floss removal method.

yes, instructions poor. R.Good, did your metal plates have coating on both sides? mine came with blue plastic on one side only. just curious.

instructions: Remove any blue protective plastic from a metal plate. Remove either the blue or white
protective strip from one side of the adhesive strip and attach the adhesive strip to the metal plate. Remove the other protective strip from the adhesive strip and attach the plate to the wall.

They did have coatings on each side.