Wyze never reconnects to wifi router after a power failure


I have connected Wyze Pan to a battery bank for backup power. My router is not on backup power. Whenever the power is restored, my camera does not connect to router, I have to manually switch its power off and then on to reconnect to router. This issue may kindly be looked into.

Put the router on UPS.

If you can afford only one, switch the UPS to the router.

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Here is what change is needed in main firmware:

if not (connected()) then do connect
do rest_of_the_code

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As we don’t hear stories of people having to go around and unplug/replug their Wyze cameras if they restart their router for some reason, the problem seems to be the duration. I expect the Wyze cameras either give up trying to reconnect at some point, or perhaps the interval of attempted reconnections becomes longer. From what I’ve seen in other topics here, the Wyze Cam may even stop recording after a time. (Have you checked the micro SD card to verify recording continued for the full duration of the outage)?

Your situation is an outlier, and I would feel rather safe betting there are few people that have their Wyze on backup power that don’t have their router on backup power.

Keep in mind the easy fix you recommended would also run down the battery backup on your Wyze cam more quickly.

Sorry, I misread your “backup power”, as UPS.

No, that logic is an infinite loop. What if nobody power cycles the router? There can only be a finite number of connection retries.

I have my modem/router on UPS. My cameras have no problems reconnecting on power outages.

In the case of trying to reconnect, I think you’d want an infinite loop. If nobody power cycles the router, the camera never reconnects and it’s kinda useless. (Or you’d factory-reset it)

It shouldn’t prevent other functions from happening at the same time, of course. You can still record to the SD card while it’s trying to reconnect. But I do think you’d want it to keep trying to reconnect infinitely, at some kind of interval. Why wouldn’t you want that?

I actually coded a camera app for a company client. This is part of the design; to stop after a configurable number of retries. It sends an alert message instead. It’s because the problem might be bigger than a simple hardware error.

But how can it send an alert if it isn’t connected to anything?

The camera is not connected. The app still is. The cameras are on a different network/site.

Gotcha. In an app, yes, you’d want it to give up at some point and alert you of a problem. He was talking about firmware.

Dear everyone, Thanks for your response and proposed solutions. Let us see the issue from bit different perspective so that we all may understand the firmware glitch.
Say, it is not Wyze Cam but a laptop. That laptop is connected my home wifi router. Router reboots itself after firmware update pushed by router manufacturer. Suddenly i am disconnected from the world and laptop would not connect back to router only because it may drain the battery due to infinite loop!
Though an infinite loop may inflict no or next to nil overhead over DC current flow.

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Connect your camera to a WiFi smart plug and turn the plug on and off to reset the camera. This has worked for me and is easier than unplugging the camera. It is a timing problem affected by the router and the number of connected devices.

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This may help you in your scenario. Changing your router be may be a solution, or turning off Airtime Fairness if it’s there…