Wyze Lock Shows ‘Locked’ But Actually Unlocked

I’ve noticed that attempting to unlock manually immediately after auto-lock occurs (or maybe even right before it’s done locking the door), can result in the device saying it’s locked even though it’s clearly been manually unlocked.

So I see a status of ‘Locked’ on the app, and Google Assistant consistently reports that the lock is locked, but in reality, the lock is clearly unlocked and I can freely open and close the door.

I’ve been able to reproduce this consistently and since the device believes it is locked, it does not attempt to lock itself when I try to lock it again with Google Assistant or when the door is open and shut (ie. which should trigger auto-lock).

I can successfully unlock and lock the door using the app to revert it back to the correct status, but would rather not rely on a workaround like that.

This might be a corner case or might’ve been discussed before, but I thought I’d mention it anyway just in case.

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Interesting. Can you try recalibrating everything and see if it persists?

If it does, Submit a log and post the log number. Maybe we can get someone to look into it.

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