Wyze Lock Sharing

Just installed the Wyze lock onto My S10+ Note.
Works flawlessly

Shared it with my Wife’s S9+. It shows the “Front Door” in the list of shared items but no status and when I select it, it starts to load into the Lock Sub app then goes back to main screen with “Unkown Error”.

We have an IDENTICAL S9+ hanging on the wall for lamp control in 2 of the rooms and I shared the lock with that phone with zero issues.

SO in essence I have 2 Identical phones (Both S9’s were bought at the same time) with all the updates and I can share to both phones but only have it work on one.

I tried rebooting the phone and uninstalled/Reinstalled the Wyze App. Also stopped sharing, uninstalled app, and re-installed.

EVery now and then I can go into the Wyze app and there is a Status of “Locked” next to the lock but when I select it, it Unknown Error and the status goes away.

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I have the same issue with an Android share… My wife phone is a Moto X4…

After 2 weeks of not getting it to work, I finally reset to factory settings on my WIfe’s phone and been working fine ever since.