Wyze lock on iPad not working

Unknown Error comes up on iPad when I select my lock on the Home menu. I have several cameras that show on this Home page.

I have a Samsung phone and the Wyze lock works perfect there but not on the iPad. I have spoken with support and they asked me to ensure ios and Wyze app were current versions which I did but it still is not working. Support said it might be fixed in the next release of what I’m not sure. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the Lock on the iPad ?

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I can’t check with a snoring wife beside me. I’ll try to. remember later today.

I just tested the lock on my iPad Air 3rd generation and it worked just fine it unlocked and locked the door. First time gave me no issues. wow I don’t know because you say everything else works on the app but the lock? Have you deleted the lock from the app and added it back to see if that works? Because otherwise I would say it’s an app problem but if everything else works then the apps working fine it’s something with the lock.

Thanks for replying.

My IPad 2 has version 10.3.3 of IOS, what version do you have on your IPad Air 3rd generation ? Looks like my version of IOS is to old to handle the lock and bridge but Wyze support did not tell me that.

Our son shared his Wyze lock with me and I shared my lock with him and he has an iPhone version 13.3.1 so he sees both my lock and his. I have a Samsung and see both as well. So Lock and Bridge work well just not on IPad version 10.3.3.

My iPhone and my iPad are both on 13.4