Wyze Lock not connecting to blue tooth on my Samsung Note 10 +

Wyze fan-boy here. Loving all the products.
This weekend installed Wyze Lock and most operations works like a breeze.
I have just attempted to via geo-fencing open my front door this AM and lock did not open.
Checked blue tooth connection to find the wyze was not authorized to use blue tooth so I enabled it on my Samsung Note 10 plus. On the phone it says available devices and when I push Wyze lock, it goes into pairing mode and after a couple of seconds it goes back to available devices which I believe should move Wyze Lock up to paired devices like the blue tooth hearing aides that are paired with my phone.
Is there anyone out in our community that has any input. I am not a novice on tech but believe I do have all setup properly. Thanks Guys and Girls!

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In most cases, the lock doesn’t show up on the list of Bluetooth devices like headphones, a keyboard. Etc. This is because it uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Sometimes you can catch it briefly on your list, the lock is called DING DING on the Bluetooth device list if you can catch it.

You may already know this, but in order for the lock to Auto Unlock, you first have to go outside the geofence area, return, and then get within range of the lock within 10 minutes.

If it’s not working due to permissions ( you need both Bluetooth on and location services for the Wyze app set to always), you may try deleting and re-adding the lock along with accept all the permissions.


On the samsung phone note 10 +, it shows up under available devices as Wyze Lock. When I touch the lock device button, the phone says it is pairing and then goes back without pairing and appears as before as available devices.

I don’t know then if that’s something specific to Android or not. I know with IOS, it wasn’t like that and only occasionally showed on the list as DingDing. Sorry, maybe someone with Android can help.