Wyze lock needs help

Wyze lock could be the best.
But it’s not.
Because the team has obviously given up.
Wyze lock is a product that people need!
The support team is obviously stretched thin. The unlock feature isn’t working. I need help.
Please assign a few engineers and get this product up where it needs to be.

I get it it’s tough. Resources are hard to get. But this isn’t done yet. The product isn’t up to par!

Can I get some plus ones here?
Or Can someone at least tell me this works great for them and their iPhone? (I’m a Samsung user)
If so I’ll give it up and move on…

This has been a failed feature since its release and Wyze will not put any more time into it. The only way to get some use out of the lock is to purchase the keypad (works 100% of the time).

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