Wyze Lock keeps disconnecting due to batteries not staying in place (upper right side)

Did a quick search and did not find a conversation on this, but I have to believe it has already come up as it seems to be a pretty bad design flaw.

The upper right battery keeps shifting and loses connectivity when door is slammed. At that point the Lock loses connectivity and the world is out of harmony…

I tried to put a bit of padding between the battery and the magnetic cover to force the battery in place, but that does not work.

Wyze Support has, as usual, entirely ignored my issue. Does anyone have a useful trick (short of glueing the battery to the case :smiley: )


You are turning down the battery latches that keep the batteries in place?


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Of course. These itty bitty tiny little poor things are in place. They do what they can, which amounts to preventing the batteries from falling out onto the ground, but they can’t keep the batteries properly in place to maintain contact. At least the upper right one. Bad design.

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So much for easy! :wink:

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Yes! Thank you anyway…
I can’t be the only one to have this happen. It’s clearly poorly designed. The spring pushes the battery out of alignment, and then the slightest shock may result in a lost contact.