Wyze lock issue

Wyze lock - shows low battery even after changing battery. Unable to lock/unlock on the app. How do i fix this?

Wyze bolt with keypad and fingerprint has been underwhelming to use. The inability to acess records away or change settings unless you are within few feet of the lock is painful and feels like a regressive step fornwyze.

Did you happen to use rechargeable batteries or lower power generic batteries? Even at full capacity those batteries will start at low battery because they have significantly less battery power than a full battery from something like Duracell or Energizer or similar brands that pack a lot of power into the same size battery.

I still use rechargeables in mine anyway, but they will always show as low battery because rechargeable batteries only hold a small amount of charge compared to the others, and the battery meter is calibrated for powerful batteries.

I used the batteries that came in the box. Installed it on Friday. Changed them today and initially kept showing low battery but now it seems to be okay.

Would you know if there a gateway that we can use on the number lock similar to this to control access from away?

If you mean the newer “Lock Bolt” with a fingerprint reader that they just barely released this year, then the answer is no. There are people asking for Wyze to make it compatible with a gateway so we can do this. I’d recommend voting on it here:

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