Wyze Lock Geofencing

So the lock opens when I get home based on my geofenced location data, so how does it know if I’m already home approaching the door at 3am? Cuz whenever I’m inside the house, I don’t want the software unlocking the door. How does it know the difference?

It’s only supposed to unlock if you leave the geofence area and then re-enter and walk up to the door. Also if it does unlock but the door never opens, it re-locks about 5 mins later. This happens to me when I come home and pull in the garage so I never come in the front door. My front door unlocks but then re-locks a few mins later.

That’s what I was hoping for. Thank you.

-Jerry & Andrew Lockard
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Geofencing grid size for the Wyze Lock appears to be a regular topic within the forums.

In this era of Covid, I’m finding thaty I’m not regularly leaving my property by driving away a few blocks, I more frequently will leave my condo for a walk around the grounds. It would be nice to be able to establish a 100 yd radius boundary to trigger the lock’s geofencing reset.

Is there an active program in place to enable the user to reduce the geofencing window from its current setting ?

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