Wyze lock gateway restart after power outage

Is there a way to remotely reboot/re-start the lock gateway. I’ve had a power outage several times and come home finding the status light red (blinking maybe - can’t remember) with loss of control through my phone.
I know I can open it with Bluetooth on my phone, but I’d like to know lock status remotely (and unlock/lock of course too).
Unplugging and then plugging back in will bring back operating status - am I missing something in settings to be able to do this remotely?

No, not with the app. What you could do if this is something that happens frequently for you while you’re away from home is to plug the gateway into a smart plug. That way if you’re away from home you can power cycle the gateway as long as your WiFi is up at home.


Yes, I plugged mine into a Wyze Smart Plug since I use them in a remote location and have many power outages that will kick them out of service.

It’s a good plan for remote locations. A step even further would be to use another brand for the smart plug so that if the problem is with the Wyze ecosystem you still may have access to the other brand plug if WiFi is till up.


I was using WeMo switches before. They would not re-set after a flicker and would not allow me to do by remote. So far, no problems with the Wyze.

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Bought some Wyze smart plugs… that’ll do the trick.
Thanks for all the informational ideas!

I’m having the same problem as reported here. Whenever a power outage happens, Wyze Lock Gateway shows red light and never reconnects to the preconfigured wifi and someone has to manually unplug the gateway for few seconds and reconnect to power for the gateway to connect. After this step, Wyze lock automatically won’t connect to the gateway. Can someone please help me with this issue?

Two years later and this is still a bug. Every time the power goes out I have to manually power cycle the gateway. Can we get a fix for this please?

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Same issue here. Brief power outage, Wyze Gateway went offline, Have not been able to get it back up at all. Wyze has some real hit or miss products, hate to see the door lock hit the miss category.