Wyze lock emergency exit

I’m considering the Wyze Lock, but have a vital safety question. First, some context.

With children at home, we had to be sure they could get out in an emergency, no matter what, especially if an adult was not present or was unable to open doors for them. I removed the exterior door deadbolts and replaced the rest of the exterior door hardware with lever handles, ones where the inside lever still worked even if the door was locked. Any child that could reach the lever, including toddlers, could get out if needed. (There were separate locks on the gates, so we had no risk of escaped children!)

If I am going to get a Wyze Lock, it must have the same ability: It MUST NOT EVER trap anyone in the house during an emergency, especially those too small to reach (or understand how to operate) the deadbolt.

Does the Wyze Lock lack this ability? Is it a hazard in a home with small children?

You can unlock the Wyze lock at any time from the inside by simply turning the dead bolt. If installed properly it turns very easily from locked to unlock. If you go this route I would highly suggest getting the keypad for the lock as the auto unlock rarely works but the keypad is flawless.

A toddler can’t do that. Even toddlers should be able to exit on their own in an emergency.

Sounds pretty simple, don’t buy the Wyze deadbolt.

I’m not aware of a deadbolt that will automatically unlock if you’re trying to open a door handle from the inside, though, so you may be out of luck on that front.

There are deadbolts that are integrated with the latch and open with the latch, but may be closed independently, and must be independently operated from the outside. But they are expensive, and I’ve found them only in Europe, and none in the US, much less a smart one. Which is why I presently have no deadbolt.

Hmmm… But I do have a 3D printer, and I’m not afraid to use it! Should be possible to craft a mechanism to connect the deadbolt to the main latch lever. Awkward to be sure, but it would only be needed until the kids are 5 or so.

In any event, folks with small kids may want to think twice before using any deadbolt.