Wyze lock bolt battery life?

Hey everyone

Looking into getting the lock bolt soon

One important question I have , is the battery life . Wyze states it can last up to 12 months before replacing the batteries but we all know they depends on your traffic , on the usage , unlocking/locking with the keypad , app , etc so it all depends on the users end how long the batteries will last

I’m just concerned that the thing will die on me at a moment when I need it to work

Anyone who’s had the product , can I get some details about how the battery life has been so far since you got it ? Thanks !

I have had mine deployed since release so Aprilish and have had no battery issues, but that door has very limited traffic and is currently sitting at 97% battery life. A 3% drain in 4 months.

But in the case of an emergency there are fail safe actions, like using your cell phone to power the lock so you can unlock the bolt

Mine will be in an area of daily traffic but not too bad .

I assume the lock bolt will notify you if the batteries get low ahead of time ?

Several months of light use and lost only 3%.
It will for sure do more than the announced 12 months.

Also, there is a warning light on the front that indicates the low battery state - I don’t know what level is considered low though.

In the event of fully depleted batteries, there is a USB-C port on the down facing edge. You can plug anything providing power into this port (a small power bank for example) as a last resort to open it - then you replace the batteries.


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