WYZE LOCK automatically unlocks randomly

I have found the thing that works for me, and I honestly do not know if it makes a difference or is coincidental but as I am getting out of the car I just hit the power button on my phone, I do not log in or open it, just hit he button which ‘wakes’ it up. This is on an Android phone but whenever I do that it unlocks as I am walking up.

Thanks Jason21271 I will give that a try.

Does the lock need to be “paired” to BT separately? The set up doesn’t tell anything about that or is it automatically paired during the set up process. Thanks

@WyzeJasonJ, I also do the power button sometimes. I know some background tasks kick in quicker if something triggers the phone to ‘wake up’. I’m pretty sure this (at least sometimes) speeds up the bluetooth connection. I’m using an iPhone.

@hamos10136, if you open the Wyze app (which I assume is what you mean by logging in), then it cancels auto-unlock. So I only do that if auto-unlock is not working for some reason (fairly rare), then tap on the lock to unlock it.

Thanks Jason & jjoel for your help. This is what I received from Sam at Wyze support regarding the Wyze app - “Keep the Wyze app running in your phone background at all times. Do not swipe it closed or force close it. If the Wyze app is completely closed, it won’t be able to reference the login token to connect to the lock’s Bluetooth. If you keep the app’s Wyze Lock page open, it won’t accept the Auto-Unlock command”.
I initially thought all that was needed was to keep the “Background toggled ON” but this indicates that the “main Wyze app” needs to be open or at least not swiped closed BUT not on the “Wyze Lock page open”. I have tried this but the Auto-Unlock still doesn’t work for me. I have responded back to support for clarification but it takes about 3 days for a response.
Jason as your Android as I am does the lock need to be “paired” to BT separately? The set up doesn’t tell anything about that or is it automatically paired during the set up process. Thanks again.

@hamos10136 it does not need to pair the way a regular bluetooth device does where you enter the pairing code. It basically is all done in the background. The lock will never be listed in the paired devices area. One thing I will say is I am going about 8 days with the auto unlock working every time. I do NOT keep the app on the screen at all, however I keep the app running all the time. There should (on Android) be a persistent notification saying ‘geofence is running’. What I have been doing is as I arrive home I just hit the power button on my phone which ‘wakes’ it. I do not unlock the phone.

So what I would try is make sure the app is running in the background, wake up your phone and slowly walk to the door maybe stand at the door a few seconds and see if it unlocks, however do not enter the app especially the lock screen as that will cancel it.

Thanks Jason will give that a try.

Let me know how it goes.

Now that you say it…

Jason21271 I tried your tap power to wake up & it worked the first time, was even open before I got to the door. Tried it 2 more times & the lock failed. Didn’t make any changes in the 3 attempts, so it does work occasionally. My Geofence does show as being on. Will keep using your suggestion the next few times & see what happens. Thanks for your help.

@hamos10136 Just to verify the other 2 times it did not work are you sure you left the geofence area and came back in.

Good question Jason. Yes I was outside the area but not far out of it, I was only gone about 5 mins to test. Interestingly I just got back from a longer distance & time trip 30+min & the auto-unlock worked just like the first time. My first trip was a 30+ min trip when it auto-unlocked. I was wondering if I wasn’t gone long enough on the 2 test trips that failed & your question of leaving the geofence area is worth another look. I didn’t think that time away was effected but coming back in the geofence area has a 10 min max before closing, so I’ll watch for both. At any rate I’m 2 for 4 with hopes of improving. Thanks again for your help really appreciate it.

Not a problem, I would like to see it working for everyone, so helping people t/s helps me find things that end up fixing it.

Well, same for me. Sometimes that screen trick works, sometimes it doesn’t.

See if there is anything that you can come up with that is common in the times it does work vs does not work. Like with @hamos10136 there is a chance that the times his did not work he either was not out of the area or not out of the area long enough. Haven’t heard back yet on if he has narrowed that down yet.

Jason21271 I didn’t get a chance to do any more tests as my lock started working erratically on all the features including the battery going to zero over 2 days. I’ve reset it up twice among other attempts but nothing seems to work. I have also been working extensively with support. As this is my 2nd lock I decided to return it. Thank you for your help it was much appreciated.

@hamos10136 sorry to hear it did not work, I am happy to help anytime.

@archersf, @j.rosen, your experience sounds like mine. I created a wish list item because the behavior is very consistent when both my wife and I arrive home at the same time. See Cancel auto-unlock if bluetooth connects within 30 seconds of a prior auto-unlock event.

There are times when I haven’t noticed it auto-unlock after our arrival because I wasn’t watching. In those cases, I’ve inspected the lock history and have seen that it auto-locked after 10 minutes. Some kind of rule that kicks in because the door wasn’t opened within 10 minutes of the auto-unlock.


I just experienced that same situation yesterday for the first time and today I am very concerned I was already inside the home and 30 minutes later I hear my door unlocking at that’s very disturbing I have to call to report it which I will do first thing Monday morning

If you could also send in a log so they can see what happened. You can do this in the app Account → Help & Feedback → Submit a Log