Wyze Lock Auto-Unlock improvement in 2.10+ beta Wyze app

Hello Beta users with Wyze Lock,

Thanks to many volunteers from this group, we have improved auto-unlock issues. Please download the latest beta app and test out auto-unlock if possible.

There is still a lot of work to be done so if your auto-unlock is not working properly, please submit a feedback log by going to your lock’s settings page > Device Info > Submit a Log > Lock Performance. This will help us in improving the auto-unlock experience.

Also, here are some auto-unlock tips:

  • You do not need to open your smartphone when approaching your Wyze Lock. The Wyze Lock should auto-unlock even if your smartphone is in your pocket.

  • Opening up the Lock page in the Wyze App during the auto-unlock sequence will actually cancel auto-unlock because bluetooth connection will take over auto-unlock connection. This is why you might see “Auto-unlocked canceled” message when you open up the lock page. We are currently working out a better way to implement this but please be on the lookout for this.

  • There might be incidences where auto-unlock will take more than 10~20 seconds for it to happen. We understand this is not a good experience right now. We are working on improving the experience.


What version am I looking for, I have 2.10.71 that I updated yesterday.

Yes, that version has the improvement.

Then yes I’ve noticed a difference. I might wait 20 seconds maybe 25 but it hasn’t failed since I updated. I also updated to the latest firmware on the lock at the same time pretty much.

Also I found it helpful to trigger my front two cameras to upload video when the lock unlocks. Then I know exactly where I am when it unlocks.

@Usetinycamproinstead, Yup! I have the same setup.

Jonathan,. That setup had caused several issues with my ability to retrieve video from the cloud. Perhaps it is because those cameras have been triggered by motion first? I’m not sure. My auto unlock has been working pretty well,maybe 80 percent or so correctly.

You cannot retrieve the video that is triggered by the wyze lock? It should show up as scene action in the Events page.

Correct, it does show scene action, but no preview picture in the list, and says the video cannot be dowloaded when I attempt to view it

Switched over to the Beta App today and my auto unlock worked not once but twice today, first time it has worked in a month!

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I have had absolutely zero issues with auto unlock since the update. thank you it is working great.

I just wanted to do a quick update on the auto-unlock which has worked perfectly the last couple of days! I have had seven successful auto-unlocks with no failures since running the beta app with the latest update.

Thanks for the update but since I’m not too savvy about this how do you install ”the beta app version” since there’s only one app to download (which I have done and reinstalled)…

Follow this link to install betta app. Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

why the lock asks me to calibrate almost weekly?

Is your gateway in a outlet as close to the lock as you can get it?

Just wanted to add my auto-unlock has still worked flawlessly since I installed the beta app!

it is within 5 feet

It couldn’t be any closer than what It is…5-6 feet away at the most

Hello @earthsci,

You should not have to re-calibrate your locks weekly at all. Your lock should stay calibrated unless there was a new firmware update or battery change.

I have a few questions regarding your Wyze Lock:

  • Do you often leave your door open for an extended period? (3+ minute)
  • If you open your door, does it move freely or is it stationary?