Wyze Lock Auto-Lock Failure Altert (Safety Issue)

My lock works well but it has a safety issue. I recently returned home and entered through the garage instead of the front door where the lock is mounted. A couple hours later I passed by the front door and saw it was unlocked. I looked at the app and saw the door never locked after I left. Luckily the locked door wasn’t needed during this time period.

I investigated this failure and found the issue for this occurrence. My battery level was 23%. It would unlock the door but it would not relock, or try to relock, the door. I repeated this test with new and the existing batteries several times and got the same results. For those wondering, there is no problem with the lock/door interface; the bolt moves freely in and out. The lock would lock, and unlock, the door when commanded through the app.

There maybe a way to correct this low battery issue. There may be other ways the lock will fail to auto-lock.

A huge improvement for this issue can be made with information already in the lock/app. The app knows when the door is to auto-lock after closing, The app also knows the door was opened, when it closed, when the door should auto-lock, and the current time. When the door fails to auto-lock an alert could be sent to the user that the door failed to lock so the user can take appropriate action. I suggest the alert should continue until the user turns the alert off.

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I have the same problem… But is brand new and just installed. Whenever I enter the garage door the main door opens and i had to remember to close it or wait until it gets autolocked. I am not sure if I can change some settings to auto lock after 3 mts or some time?

The lock auto is advertised to unlock when the user returns into the geofencing zone. (Mine is erratic. It will go through weeks in which it auto unlocks correctly every time. It will also go through weeks in which it refuses to auto unlock.) The auto lock is also erratic. It is usually good about auto locking if the entry has been through the door with the lock on it; but the success rate is not high enough to feel comfortable the door is locked. I now check the door often to insure the door is locked and often find it unlocked. If I enter through the garage and the lock auto unlocks, the door has a higher chance of not auto locking than locking.

I keep hoping it will get fixed. The suggested improvement to notify the user the lock did not auto lock would be a significant and quickly implemented patch until the auto lock failure gets fixed. I would like to see the user notification to be a permanent feature. However, it has not happened yet and I am getting close to trashing my lock before someone enters my house and causes damage and/or injury.