Wyze live view

Looking at the wyze cameras and trying to figure out if you can select to do a live view on a camera and view it live if desired for a long period of time. Tried a Ring camera but after 10 minutes you get kicked off and have to restart the live view. Need to be able to monitor with live view when guest are using our pool. Not always able to be there. Also live view while some remodeling is being done on our property. Thanks

You can stream a live feed of a camera using Live View. I actually streamed my garage all day as there were individuals in my garage working on it, just remodeled the garage.

The Live Stream did not hiccup once during the 8+ hour stream.

I was watching through my Wyze Cam V3

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awesome, just what i was trying to find out. like to watch the pool area if guest or relatives using the pool and not always able to actually be there.

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I was very pleased with how the V3 Camera performed. I have streamed some others, but not for as long.

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