Wyze Leak Sensor won't work without Leak Detector?

It can’t be this hard. There are two parts to the Leak Detector, the detector and (if you need to use it) the extension or probe. What is the product ad description trying to say when it states the following-

Wyze Sense Leak Sensor (3-Pack) and Single Probe

Requires Wyze Home Monitoring Core Starter Kit. This device will NOT function without Wyze Leak Sensor.

I am missing something or this product description, amoung several others, is poorlly written. It is saying the leak sensor won’t work without the leak sensor? Huh???

You need to have the v2 Hub which is included in the Wyze Home Monitoring System (HMS). Once you have HMS you can setup the Leak Sensor.

This is what you will need

There are the 3 *Leak Sensors" and Single (remote) Probe. The leak sensor has contacts on the bottom to detect water. The remote probe connects (magnetically) to the side of the sensor and can be used to detect water as well. (Leak Sensor Probe Dissection)

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