Wyze issue?

Is there a Wyze cloud issue? My android Wyze app shows motion sensors continuously active since 4pm yesterday. Rebooting the camera which has the sensor hub, and rebooting phone have no resolved it. Anybody seen this?

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motion sensors continuously active

Welcome to the community, @chansoni! I’m not having any issues with my sensors. How many motion sensors do you have?
If the motion sensors are still showing active, you can remove the battery and this will reset the sensor. Then add the sensor again.

  1. Go to Account tab on the bottom and then select the Firmware Upgrade.

  2. From the Home Tab tap the […] in the top right corner.

  3. Select “ Add a Product.

  4. Pick the sensor you want to add (Contact or Motion).

  5. Use the included Reset Pin to poke the reset button on the sensor you’re adding, and hold it in until you see the red light flash at least 3 times.

  6. Name the sensor when prompted and test it out in the spot where you want to place it before using the adhesive backing.


Had this issues with one of my motion sensor a couple of days ago.
Did what @StopICU33 posted and added in a new battery…it worked.
But in a few hours motion detected stuck on active again.
Seem mine had and has only one bar signal strength it detects motion and trigger a alert but when motion stop it doesn’t send clear.
I replaced it with a new motion sensor and it’s working now.
Notice also that the old one some how degrade over time it’s ability to detect motion well like it did before. Maybe the reason for not sending clear.


@gku2 That’s good info. If the motion sensor fails after the steps above, I would contact Wyze support and they will replace it. Submit a Request