Wyze is a Chinese Company ( Discussion Continued)


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I will try to help transition things back a little bit more on topic here…

So, back on topic…(Wyze being part of or distinct from other other Chinese companies)

One thing we hear a lot is that Wyze is a part of Xiaomi. Although this is part of the same misconception that Wyze is part of Hualai. Some people also think that Xiaomi and Hualai are the same company just as is being discussed about Wyze and Hualai here. Xiaomi also uses Hualai as a supplier, and so Wyze and Xiaomi have some similar products, sometimes using the exact same hardware in some cases. However, here is an interesting article that helps to show some evidence that Wyze is NOT Xiaomi and neither of them are Hualai:

Yep, Wyze is suing Xiaomi (and Roborock). So obviously Wyze is not Xiaomi, and Hualai can’t be the parent company of both Wyze and Xiaomi or a lot of this starts to seem absurd. It would mean that Wyze is suing ITSELF. If Hualai owned Xiaomi or Wyze or Both, this lawsuit and the issues with Amazon would make absolutely no sense. Hualai would own the patent and grant itself the right to allow both Wyze and Xiaomi/Roborock to be on Amazon. Amazon absolutely sees them as DISTINCT companies that are not subsidiaries of Hualai or related to each other. Wyze is not suing itself to be able to stay on Amazon. So despite Hualai making the same claims about Wyze and Xiaomi being “their product” as was stated…we see that what was meant is that several of the products Xiaomi and Wyze offer are products that Hualai made for them, and that those wyze and Xiaomi products are THIERS (Hualai’s), not that the companies Wyze or Xiaomi are Hualai’s companies or subsidiaries. That is not the case, this even despite the fact that Xiaomi was one of the main ones who led Hualai’s Angel investing:

So then we can start asking what makes more sense? What is the most logical and likely and reasonable explanation?

  1. Things are extremely complicated with a huge conspiracy and tons of deception and manipulation and weird things going on with a lot of logical contradictions and confusing and contradicting evidence in order to obfuscate reality, and they’ve really tricked all the governments and other mega-corporations and it all goes really far down the rabbit hole, requiring a lot of mental gymnastics and ignoring contrary evidence to make it work…or…
  2. Wyze uses Hualai as one of their suppliers, and Xiaomi also uses the same supplier (this might even be the primary supplier for both companies). They both also use other suppliers for other products.

Now #2 is what Wyze has been telling us from the beginning over and over again. 99% of everything I read and research continues to lend support to hypothesis #2. I won’t say that #1 is impossible…and I will admit I somewhat turned it into a sort of straw-man example…but that is how it is starting to look to me…still, even without the exaggerations, #2 is still definitely the simplest explanation, the most reasonable and logical, and is what has been publicly stated from the beginning, so I am still siding with hypothesis #2 for now: Wyze is an American company that leverages resources from other suppliers, as do other companies like Xiaomi.

Honestly, most cameras have a Chinese supplier anyway. Eufy cams are made in China. iPhones are made in China. Nest cameras have been made in China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Ring Doorbells were accidentally sending data to China for a while, Arlo had some hardware from China and Vietnam. Vivint security = made in China… Most tech companies have some kind of supplier or connection to China. Honestly, I am not sure why it is such a big deal if Wyze has some Chinese suppliers. That’s pretty normal and standard in this industry, especially if they’re trying to make tech affordable to anyone. If I was hearing of Wyze for the first time, saw their prices for their products, I would be > 90% sure they had a Chinese supplier…so none of this should be surprising or revealing that they have connections to Chinese suppliers…

But if Wyze was Hualai, all they’d have to do is threaten Xiaomi to sign an agreement to let them post the vacuum on Amazon or they’ll cut them off from getting anymore of all the products they manufacture for Xiaomi…but Wyze isn’t Hualai, and neither is Xiaomi. Wyze and Xiaomi are beefing precisely because they have no direct relationship with each other. Xiaomi isn’t working with Wyze, they are both separately working with Hualai. It really is that simple and is just as Wyze has been saying all along. No cognitive gymnastics necessary.

EDIT UPDATE: Wyze won the Lawsuit against Xiaomi, which would be ridiculous if Wyze was Xiaomi. Also, it proves that Xiaomi is not the design owner to the device. This lawsuit win for Wyze pretty much puts a nail in the coffin of that whole conspiracy from a legal standpoint.