Wyze Indoor v2 Cams: Connectivity & Possible Cam+ Discount?


I recently purchased three v2 Wyze Indoor Cams, after I got the first one and realized how simply and easy they were I ordered 2 more and set them up. They work great, I have two in the same room and one on the other side of the house.

The two that were installed in the garage were receiving rather shotty signals despite our house being rather small, we get 300/300 Verizon Fios, I personally use a Netgear Nighthawk EX7000 Extender/Router which is placed in my room where we had all our hardlines originally ran. The Nighthawk picks up the signal 100% and give us amazing speeds over the “hardlined” devices/PC’s.

I had some issues with the garage cameras at first, I am not sure if it was the SD Cards which I removed temporarily or the shotty connection. I installed a AC1200 “Extender” and also relocated my Nighthawk EX7000 and each of those two cameras in the same room (garage) have had 0 issues since… been working amazing to be honest.

I was curious regarding the connectivity issues in the garage so I connected one camera to my Nighthawk EX7000 and the other to the new EXT signal provided by the AC1200 I placed downstairs to boost the signal a bit. Both Cameras are easily steady @ 110+KB/s. I just could not get either camera to connect directly to the main Verizon Router/Modem inside the house… it just doesn’t reach far enough. I did connect a 3rd camera directly to the ISP’s modem/router and it worked 100% with 0 issues.

Sorry for the long post but these were my experiences and all 3 cameras work amazing, all 3 are technically on different “networks” as I wanted to find which would be best… and still trying to figure that out.

I recently signed up for CAM+ for one of the cameras… I purchased all 3 from Amazon and I did not save the boxes/paperwork as they got tossed out with some holiday garbage.

Is there a Code for getting a discount if you own and want to register more than 1 Cam for the Cam+ service?


As far as I know, it’s full price per each camera with Cam Plus. Although it seems you can save a bit by picking a yearly subscription. I haven’t seen any bulk discounts. I have just one of my 4 cameras on cam plus. I’m having a few issues with my cameras and I’m not willing to commit to more money until I see some fixes.

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Unfortunately there’s no multiple camera discount for Cam Plus as @nightmayor mentioned.
This currently on the #wishlist, take a look and vote!